What happens when you have a systems problem? Whether you are hosted in the cloud, or have on-premise infrastructure, you probably phone your provider. They then give you a ticket number, and put you on with a tier 3, front line helpdesk person. Then, escalate as necessary to Tier 2, and Tier 3 if your problem can’t be resolved.

This is time consuming, and frustrating in most cases.

With CompleteCloud’s legendary TrueSupport™ team, that’s a thing of the past. One simple call to us, and you talk to a live human, who prioritizes your support request, and gets you to one of our TrueSupport engineers. All of our engineers are senior I.T. consultants, who support clients in the cloud, as well as in the field with on premise infrastructure.

Our TrueSupport™ team has over 75 years of I.T. support experience behind them, again both in the cloud and in on premise situations. With a ticketless system, and instant response time, your business can be assured that you have excellent and timely support if and when you need it. And, yes, all of them are physically based in Calgary, Alberta – nothing overseas here.