Onsite Support

CompleteCloud is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary CompleteCloud clients can benefit from our great ONSITE support services.

For our new customers using our EZMigrate services, this means a much faster and smoother migration. If you are in Calgary, we can virtualize your existing on premise infrastructure to a hard drive, and bring it to our datacenter. We then load your servers onto our hosts, and perform a quick synchronization copy to capture changes to your environment. This virtually eliminates downtime for conversion into the cloud. With as little as half an hour worth of downtime, your initial convert to the cloud is done, with a subsequent migration to current server software pending. It couldn’t be easier!

Once you are at CompleteCloud, our capability to support you at your company’s site doesn’t end. We build ONSITE support at your location into all of our hosting packages. This means that for your cloud support requirements, you can either do phone support, or have one of our legendary TrueSupport™ engineers support you onsite. This is a great option for situations that don’t lend themselves well to telephone support, as well as ensuring that your local workstations and equipment get the attention that they need.