Our Hosting Architecture

Our first philosophy in our hosting architecture is to NEVER overcommit a shared host. The dirty little secret that no one talks about in the hosting market is overcommitted hosts. A quick example of this is a shared server with 256Gb of RAM, hosting guest virtual servers that have what looks like 512Gb of active RAM committed to them. Performance suffers in this scenario, and in extreme cases can stall and stutter. At CompleteCloud, you physically get what you physically pay for, and are always properly resourced.

We use several leading class vendors for our architecture. They are Dell, Microsoft, SonicWALL and Veeam. Dell provides our servers, and are always built to offer maximum horsepower for your hosting environment, and always specified to have the maximum equipment redundancy possible. Microsoft Hyper-V is the virtualization hypervisor that we use, and is an enterprise class platform for shared and hosted environments, used by thousands of companies around the world. We deploy SonicWALL routers at the perimeter of our network to provide leading edge security for your connection, in the form of both gateway anti-malware, as well as wire level intrusion protection services and scanning. Veeam Backup and Replication, the world leader for image based virtualization backups is used to triple protect your servers. We employ a daily backup, a daily warm replication, and a remote warm replication of all your server instances, for maximum protection, and keep up to 1 year archives for retention purposes.

Enterprise class hardware and software, proper resourcing, bullet proof security, and security are how we run.