When you are setting up your I.T. infrastructure from scratch, there are many companies that can provide you hosting services. This is rarely the case. Typically you will have existing infrastructure in the form of a server and/or workstations that need to be migrated into the cloud.

Our EZMigrate services are available as an option with any of our hosting packages at CompleteCloud. With a simple add-on, migrating all of your existing data and infrastructure is covered. Whether you have just a file server, a Microsoft Exchange email server, or other application or purpose-built server, we handle the entire configuration and transfer.

If your location is in Calgary, it gets even faster and easier. We can image your existing hardware, bring it to our datacenter on a hard drive, and quickly upload it into our servers. With as little as half an hour of downtime, it couldn’t get easier or more convenient for you.

Our TrueSupport team has done many migrations from physical infrastructure to our cloud. Whether over the wire, or if in Calgary, done by hard drive transfer, you have a very capable team shepherding your migration. We perform every migration that we do with the primary goal of keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum.