Backups are a critical component of your I.T. infrastructure’s safety and continuity. At CompleteCloud, we take backups of your data very seriously, and have a multi-point backup and data retention strategy to protect you.


Normal backups are taken to compressed disk files daily at our datacenter. Our retention period with daily granularity is a 60 day window. Your data can be restored or accessed from any day within the past 60 days.

Near Line Replication:

Daily warm images of your servers are replicated to an alternate host, with 14 day retention. This means that if your primary hosting hardware were to suffer catastrophic failure, your servers would be back up and running within minutes.

Far Line Replication:

Again in a daily fashion, warm images of all servers are replicated to an offsite location. These servers are instantly bootable, and have a 14 day retention period.

CompleteCloud uses Veeam Backup and Replication software. Veeam ( is the industry leader in backup and replication for the virtualized and hosted spaces, giving us enterprise class, bulletproof tools to protect your data.

We also do custom backup services. We have a process in place for several of our hosted clients, who on a monthly basis receive copies of their entire infrastructure and servers on a USB hard drive. This is convenient for companies that want the benefits of the cloud, but also want to be able to have their own copy of their data for safety purposes.