SafetyBOSS is an oilfield services company located in Calgary, Alberta focusing on preventing and extinguishing oil and gas well blowouts, SafetyBOSS needs their I.T. infrastructure to always be available for their own 24/7 response guarantees.  They are comprised of a head office location in Calgary, with branch locations in Whitecourt, Red Deer and Medicine Hat in Alberta, and Fort St. John in British Columbia.

Late in 2014, SafetyBOSS was outgrowing their classic on-premise server farm, and needed to do something to ensure that their I.T. continued to facilitate their business needs.  Performance on the old servers was suffering, causing lost work time and other challenges for staff. 

The Challenge:

SafetyBOSS faced an estimated bill of $63,000 for hardware and software upgrades, just for servers and client software.  This did not take into account hardware upgrading at any of their branch locations, or the project labor to perform the upgrade.  Taking into account these extra costs, the bill would have been in the $85,000 range.  Even if the upgrades could have been leased, and they had an option to do so, the monthly bill would end up over $2,500/month over 36 months for the lease.

At the time, SafetyBOSS was averaging approximately $5,800/month on I.T. support for their on-premise infrastructure.  If the upgrades were to take place, and a capital option for purchase was not used and the equipment was leased, their estimated monthly bill would be approximately $8,300/month.  

According to Heidi Lasante, Vice President of Administration at SafetyBOSS, “We thought that there had to be a better way to proceed with our systems needs than a traditional, expensive I.T. project, and CompleteCloud piqued our interest.”

Proposed Solution:

Using our CompleteCloud platform was an option, and we began to look at the bigger picture for SafetyBOSS.  We also felt that our CompleteCloud platform would be a better option for them rather than a very expensive on-premise solution, that in addition to being expensive, required physical maintenance at 5 locations in Canada.

A CompleteCloud package was offered to SafetyBOSS to migrate all of their servers and software licensing into our cloud.  The proposed solution was architected with the following virtual servers:

  • Server 2012 instance for Active Directory Services
  • Server 2012 instance for Exchange Server email services
  • Server 2012 instance for their ERP application
  • Server 2012 instance for the ERP application’s back end SQL Server
  • Server 2012 instance for Terminal Services
  • Server 2012 instance for Management Terminal Services

In all, 8 server instances would be provided, along with all the required Microsoft licensing.  There would be no ongoing need for any server hardware to be installed at any SafetyBOSS branch locations.  All of SafetyBOSS’s users would access Terminal Services for their daily computing needs via Microsoft’s native Remote Desktop client, and all data would be removed from their workstations.  Remote and onsite I.T. support was included.  Nothing would be required at any SafetyBOSS office for equipment other than a Windows PC or thinclient, and an internet connection.

“We liked a few things about the proposal of moving onto CompleteCloud right off the bat.”  Says Lasante. “The elimination of a large capital expenditure was the first thing we liked.  The second was that we would no longer have to purchase or maintain any equipment or software.  We could stop babysitting I.T. systems, and focus on our core business.  Finally, we liked that everything was included, from hardware and software all the way through to support, and onsite support if needed, for one monthly fixed cost.”

SafetyBOSS decided to go to the cloud, and migrate to our CompleteCloud product.  The migration of SafetyBOSS to CompleteCloud began in late February 2015.  The primary migration was conducted over the course of a weekend, to minimize disruption.  With some followup and fine tuning project work conducted over the next week, SafetyBOSS was in the cloud, and was in the position to turn off the old server farm.

The result for SafetyBOSS is that they now pay $5,700/month for our all inclusive CompleteCloud solution.  We support them with a mix of offsite/remote support, as well as regularly scheduled visits in an onsite capacity.  All licensing is compliant, and SafetyBOSS has access to all updated versions of software as they are released, so they are always current.

There are no requirements for any servers at any of the 5 SafetyBOSS locations.  

Prior to the migration SafetyBOSS was consuming 10 hours worth of I.T. support per week.  Following the CompleteCloud migration they have been needing around 5 hours, with half of those onsite and half in a remote support capacity.  

The savings that have been realized are approximately $2,600 per month, which is a 30% savings on SafetyBOSS’s operational I.T. budget, and the savings amount to over $90,000 over a 3 year period.  Zero capital dollars were needed – which was a capital savings of $85,000.

Centralization of all SafetyBOSS systems has enabled them to take some ‘islands’ of ERP data into the cloud, and ensure that all of their data and systems are protected.  This was becoming a challenge prior to the project, with critical data scattered across branch offices.

CompleteCloud saves SafetyBOSS money – around $90,000 worth.  CompleteCloud server performance is much better than their previous infrastructure.  CompleteCloud saves I.T. support time, in fact, almost eliminating it, which allows SafetyBOSS to focus on their core business instead of dealing with I.T. ‘stuff’.   CompleteCloud keeps everything current, refreshed and properly licensed, one less headache.

“We’re very pleased with our move to CompleteCloud.” Concludes Lasante.  “The performance and support that we receive are excellent and timely.  When we compare our CompleteCloud setup with the headaches that we were constantly having before, and the expense, we would definitely recommend CompleteCloud to any company that is interested in moving to the cloud.”

Cheaper, faster, more stable and current.  That’s a win.