About Us

We’re a little different here. CompleteCloud is a division of an excellent traditional I.T. consulting and support group. We regularly build ‘solutions’ for a variety of customers, both in the cloud and using on-premise architectures. We have over 75 years of combined I.T. experience in our team, and know what works in the real world for a variety of customers and industries.

More than just another hosting provider, we offer a complete set of solutions and support for your hosted environment. From the specification of your packages, to implementation and migration, and finally, just great support on an ongoing basis.

CompleteCloud is a boutique hosting environment, providing customized services and products, in a complete support model, or hands off – whatever you need. If you read “small” when you read boutique, no, we’re not General Motors in size. We do use industry leading technologies in our environment, such as Microsoft, Dell, Veeam and Sonicwall to ensure that your experience is the fastest, most available, and best protected customized hosting you can find. We move fast when you need us, and we truly care about each customer.

Our TrueSupport™ team is very quick to response to your needs, not a multi-tier helpdesk approach. With CompleteCloud, we don’t waste your time with support ticket numbers and complicated support. Live people answer our phones, and when you need them, you will be supported directly by one of our senior engineers.

With CompleteCloud, we do more than just setup a server for you, although we can do that if requested. We typically guide a customer through the best available options for their hosting, back-end software and databases (if required), architecture and support. We have the entire Microsoft catalog of software available to rent with your hosting on a monthly basis, although we have packaged up some of the popular options in our packages.

CompleteCloud, and the bundling of enterprise class support came as we realized that our infrastructure customers needed more than ‘hosting’ when they migrated into our cloud. We knew that we could do better than the standard hosting companies, and at an affordable, single monthly price. We find that customer after customer – or at least half of them – have played in the cloud space, and found frustrations with performance, support, or cost.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta. If you are based in Calgary, we offer great optional onsite support services as part of your cloud hosting with us. No other provider can do that.

Built a little differently, and focusing on maximum customer service, we hope that we’re for you – but if we aren’t, thanks for visiting!